Blade and Soul: Things You Want to Know about the Ninth Class Soul Fighter
Mar 09, 2016

The ninth class in Blade & Soul Soul Fighter is still a new class in Korea. The release date of Soul Fighter in EU and NA remains unknown, but it is most likely to come out in 3-4 months. Here you can find things you need to know about this upcoming new class.blade and soul buy gold from!

Weapon: Fist

Specializing in: Force, Martial

Combat Style: Long and Short Ranged Fighter

The Soul Fighter can be a long-ranged or short-ranged fighter. This hybrid Force Master Kung Fu Master is the class with the most movement skills among all class in Blade and Soul. In addition, the class also has group resilience ability and instantaneous resurrection skill. The upcoming Soul Fighter is a flawless class in Blade and Sou.

Core Skills of Soul Fighter

Playing as a Soul Fighter, you can use Stance Shift to switch between Martial Stance and Force Stance so that you can perfectly release maximum DPS at any time.

Under Martial Stance, the Earth skills can cause substantial damage to the opponent.

Under Force Stance, the Ice Skills can beat the opponent with devastating damage.

Strong Viability

The Soul Fighter's Q, E and SS are two times more than other classes. The escape TAB can stil lbe released once, but there are different patterns of animation.


Although the Soul Fighter has a lot of flexible resistance skills, the player should still be familiar with the opponent in the in order to survive in the battle. The class is able to familiar with the opponent's order of moves and come up with coping skills. The increase in DPS grows faster than that of the other classes.