A Blade and Soul Player Said He Has Prepared for New Update
Feb 17, 2016

Recently there is a player said that he had been reading a lot of posts on what order to upgrade stuff, but he is aiming for something different. He doesn’t have the time for maxing out all of my gear. He just want to get to a spot where he can decently handle all content to play casually, though he feel like I'm there already. I'd like to prepare for the next patch, or even the level 50 patch, and stick with only what I NEED to upgrade rather then get all the bells and whistles. So these are questions for people familiar with the game in other countries. I'm playing assassin with true profane and infernal accessories. Still on 3 gem slots just using brilliant square ruby and amethyst, and a triangular diamond. 3 moonwater arena + 5 dokumo soul shields fused with crit.

He is familiar with how the weapon path is expected to change, but he haven't found much information on accessories. Do the accessory paths change, or are they replaced? Or will as he said that he needs to upgrade the current accessories regardless of any patches in order to progress? And is it the same for all of them, including belt and bracelet?

He also has not been able to find how much Poharan's Gun Oil is needed for upgrading accessories. One site said 21 for the break through on awakened siren, but it was wrong about material amounts for lower levels. What's correct?

Right now he is working towards the peridot gem. Is it worth breaking open the 4th gem slot, or just replace ruby? Wondering if a weapon upgrade later on unlocks it, like how the 3rd slot unlocked at some point.

Is it worth upgrading to the 3 tower + 5 bloodshade soul shield setup I've been reading about? I've been planning on it since it seems fairly cheap to do when ignoring perfect fusions. Just haven't found a place where I can compare the stats of those vs. his current set.

He definitely need a new diamond, but I'm wondering how quickly that would be replaced. He read there's new gems in the next patch. Would the 25 attack diamond last me to 50 or could he go with something cheaper? Or maybe the 25 would be cheaper come next patch when he had need it more.

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