Blade and Soul Players’ Opinions on the Faction System
Feb 15, 2016

Recently a Blade and Soul player has shared his opinions on the faction system. Now let us check out the details. The whole system has failed to do what it's supposed to do. Every time things get hard people just change channel instead of fighting back. There is supposed to be a faction war dynamic that translates into some form of open world pvp. Unfortunately people constantly puly out to other channels so it turns into each faction has its own dominant channel to do quests on. Making faction quests just another grind.

There should be a singular channel when you enter faction area so you can't escape. You either fight or not join a faction.

He couldn't care less about my faction. He just want to hop in, grab my dailies, trash the mobs needed to accomplish those dailies and get back to dungeons and arena matches.

Having to fight other players in the middle of that is an annoyance that just makes things takes longer at best.

The design of most faction content isn't really conducive to big PvP fights. Take misty woods insigenas for instance. For some stupid reason, they pretty much only drop off of one or two bosses, and you need a lot of them to get any rewards, so the only way to complete the soul shield set or get the costume is to stand in the same spot with a group and farm the same boss for a good 30-50 kills to get your stuff. Then the other bosses like the terrors and Blackwyrm would be nearly impossible if we had to ALSO fight an equal-sized force of players at the same time. All the rewards and quests being tied up in what is essentially PvE content means that players such as himself will be doing it just to get some rewards and will actively avoid PvP because it just slows down the acquisition of stuff.

A full-on battleground with minimal PvE content and some actual PvP objectives, and a reason to actually bother protecting our faction NPCs, camps, and territories would actually give us a little bit of a reason to care about how our faction is actually doing as a faction. He don't know what content is in store for future patches and areas, but as it is, faction dailies are basically just the same old PvE "Kill this mob" quests with the added annoyance of the occasional PK-er trying to gank me while he is getting it done.

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