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Blade and Soul: Things You Want to Know about the Ninth Class Soul Fighter
Mar 09, 2016
  • The ninth class in Blade & Soul Soul Fighter is still a new class in Korea. The release date of Soul Fighter in EU and NA remains unknown, but it is most likely to come out in 3-4 months. Here you can find things you need to know about this upcoming new class.blade and soul buy gold from ignk.com!

    Weapon: Fist

    Specializing in: Force, Martial

    Combat Style: Long and Short Ranged Fighter

    The Soul Fighter can be a long-ranged or short-ranged fighter. This hybrid Force Master Kung Fu Master is the class with the most movement skills among all class in Blade and Soul. In addition, the class also has group resilience ability and instantaneous resurrection skill. The upcoming Soul Fighter is a flawless class in Blade and Sou.

    Core Skills of Soul Fighter

    Playing as a Soul Fighter, you can use Stance Shift to switch between Martial Stance and Force Stance so that you can perfectly release maximum DPS at any time.

    Under Martial Stance, the Earth skills can cause substantial damage to the opponent.

    Under Force Stance, the Ice Skills can beat the opponent with devastating damage.

    Strong Viability

    The Soul Fighter's Q, E and SS are two times more than other classes. The escape TAB can stil lbe released once, but there are different patterns of animation.


    Although the Soul Fighter has a lot of flexible resistance skills, the player should still be familiar with the opponent in the in order to survive in the battle. The class is able to familiar with the opponent's order of moves and come up with coping skills. The increase in DPS grows faster than that of the other classes.

Several Guides for The Blade And Soul Players
Mar 08, 2016
  • The Blade and Soul, like many other mmo games, players need to keep moving, targeting an enemy and using the proper skills in a limited time. So some notices that you should pay attention about the game is necessary for all Blade and Soul players. The following may help you a lot during your game playing:

    About the Combat

    To combat in Blade and Soul, you need to react like a martial artist. Keep in mind, you should make sure the skill bar in the bottom of the screen carefully, it will change with your position. If you are blocking an enemy attack, a skill set in the action bar will be about how to counter attack it. If you are knocked, skills will be back to the battle. Everything is decided in a few seconds. To quickly is a good martial artist responded. Remember that your objections martial artist can do the same to you. Prepare for their counterattack, when you attack them.

    About the Soul Shield

    Blade and Soul is different from other mmo games, armor is not an important factor to increasing players' defense. Soul shield have more effect on players' defense. Soul shield is made up with 8 individual pieces. Everyone represent an attribute, such as defense, accuracy and so on. They also provide additional bonus when you wear 3,5 and 8 parts at the same time. You needn't collect all of 8 pieces.

    About the Traveling

    About traveling in Blade and Soul, I will talk about windwalking and dragon pulse. Windwalking may be called "qionggong" In blade and soul, to activating windwalking can be done mainly in 2 ways: double-tapping the "W" key or holding "SHIFT" while running with an increase in moving speed. Remember that windwalking requires a great amount of concentration, and this makes it impossible for a martial artist to perform it during a fight. In addition, move to a greater distance with the help of a natural yellow energy lying all over the Earth Realm called Dragon Pulse. It will take martial artists to a specific locations, both vertically and horizontally, after activating it.

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A Gide for Force Master in Hitting Level 45
Mar 07, 2016
  • Force Master's traits:

    Pros: High control, moderate damage, ranged attacks

    Cons: Very low natural defense, requires attentive kiting to keep alive when targeted

    Weapon: Chi Bracelet

    In conclusion, Force Masters are ranged fighters and deal fire and ice damage from a distance.Their bangle around their wist allow them to cast.Then how to level up fast when you hit level 45 with Force Master? Here is a guide for you:

    Daily Quests:

    We all know the max number for daily quests you completer is 40 every day. I have ever been doing the big 4 + PoE and then some random dailies. Misty Woods daylies PvP and PVE are good 24x2 , 6x2(4x2) , Mushin Tower , 4 Blue Instances (Dokumo , Ogong , Twin Brothers , Pigs), Tomb of Exiles - If you still have some space do some PvP Arena for fun. In addition, there are not many quests rewarding horns and soulstones, so we should prioritize those.


    About materials, I will give a way to getting the materials just like soul stones. And there are so many people have this problem. I think the number of soulstones needed to upgrade accessories is ridiculous, and once so, their price may be unaffordable. The way i want to say craftable Transformation Stones can be completed once you learn Merry Pottery Secret Technique - Drop a lot from Bright stone ruins . The craft isn’t hard but it asks for a lot of time and its not worth it in my op.


    You may think crafting is useless, I suggest you can change you thoughts. Hongmoon is the default evolution path , I think you should continue with them . The only better accessorie is dropped by Blackwyrm and it is a ring .

    Weapon and accessories:

    I am using the Hangmoon stuff I got from questing. I think it the best.

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4 Tips to Level Up More Efficient in Blad & Soul
Mar 04, 2016
  • For all mmo games players, leveling up is a truly aim that everyone wants to get.And it is no exception for Blade & Soul.Now we'd like to share several tips for all Blade & Soul players:

    1.During Level 5-Level 10, you must finish all quests appeared. After you completing these quest, you may get some drop stones, they are useful in the wheel of fortune system. Just like tickets which help you start wheel of fortune system. The stones will provide a random item to you after you have spun the wheel. These items are very important sometimes. In addition, you need to repeat the quests so that you can get more stones. And then, you need to finishing side quests, after that, you may gain soul shields as rewards, which can help you get more strength and experience.

    2. The second tip, it is suggest that you spend some time to grind mobs when you reach level 10 to level 15 to get more experience. Especially, you can grind mobs with the Dragon Soup together to gain more experience. To grind easily, you can find a group to combat together.

    3. Build right character is important. Usually, there are two important factors effect your level up: AOE damage that your class has, and the defensive strength of your class. Keep in mind, never expect to move ahead with a poorly equipment and low defensive strength.

    4. Use gems and accessories to strengthen your weapons, no matter which high level you have reached, you need to improve your damage ability. Personal advice, it is a slow process from Lv1 to Lv 10, after that, speed up fast at high level. When you reach Lv 45 or higher, you can control the game, and play with your style.

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Blade And Soul New player guide
Mar 03, 2016
  • In the following i might be going a bit to deep into the game, but you wanted to not waste time.. so here we go.

    Usefull knowledge:

    - Until 35+ you nearly dont earn any money at all. Dont waste your unsealing charms or keys. Use them only on necessary stuff (Breakthrough, Evolution Material, ..).

    - Enjoy the story if it's your first character. You will speed level every char after the first one anyway (most likely^^) so take your time once :P

    - Since there can be competition for quest mobs, just invite players into groups. Quest progress will be shared (and way quicker).

    - You keep your hongmoon weapon + accessories throughout the whole game! Keeping your stuff up to date makes killing stuff (even) more easy.


    - In Jadestone Village (~lvl 15) you can choose your professions (Craft + Gathering). Soul Warden and Merry Potter are good money makers in the lategame

    - All professions are leveled in real-time. Stuff can need anywhere fro 40min to 24h to give some exp to your profession, so start is ASAP to not waste time later on.

    - Joining a gathering guild unlocks a quest that gives 1000 exp. Which is huge for that level! You can leave your guild and join the others. For a total of 7000 free exp, if you want to.

    Upgrading (Equip includes weapon, earrings, rings, ... everything that can be upgraded):

    - To upgrade equip you will feed it equip of the same categorie. So, in order to upgrade a weapon, you'll feed it ohter weapons.

    - The weapon levels with exp, just like you do. After 5 levels you reach a breakthrough point, after 10 you'll reach a evolution point.

    - At a breakthrough point, in order to progress to a higher level (>5) you need a specific piece of equipment, a few materials and a bit of bns gold (copper early on).

    - After a breakthrough you continue leveling your equip from 5 to 10. Then you reach an evolution point, which basically is the same as an breakthrough. See above.

    - After an evolution your weapon changes appearance, in some cases stats, and starts over from level 1 (doesnt mean it got weaker btw)

    Breakthrough / Evolution knowledge:

    - Said Breakthrough / Evolution pieces are often dropped from a boss fight. Mostly at the end of a dungeon.

    - Blue (Rarity) equip can be traded and as such can be bought on the auction house. Purple equip cant be bought! You'll need to get purple items "yourself", keep this in mind.

    - Most weapons drop in chests. These weapon chests drop a random weapon, meaning you can drop the weapon of any class. Not guaranteed to be yours.

    - There are cash shop keys that actually guarantee a chest to drop your weapon when used. They are region specific, you'll get the one for region 2+3 as a gift (for a survey)

    - Dont waste these keys. Use them on purple equip only. I'd recommend using the cinderlands one in "Tomb of Exiles" and to keep the moonwater one for an endgame dungeon.

    That's all that came to my mind for now. Hope it wasnt to much. That's basically the problems i see people running into quite frequently.

    About assassins:

    - They dont have a lot of burst damage, they have a lot of (single target!) dps. In long fights you'll be one of the top dpsers, in short fights other classes are better (burst).

    - Assassin in this current state of the game is quite spammy. You'll pretty much be in stealth and press RMB-F-RMB-F-... the whole time. Let's say.. it hurts after a while.

    - Assassin with his spamm is quite reliant on animation cancelling (a skill canceling the animation of an other skill, see above) which is ping reliant. Bad connection = bad dps

    LBM (Lyn Blade Mater, or in this version: Blade Dancer):

    - Melee, quite good dps, dunno about burst.

    - They *dont* have a block ability. However they have a lot of iframes (= skills that make you invulnerable). Handy/Unhandy, depending on the situation.

    - If you dislike the race option, blade master might be your class. Has a block skill, less iframes, plays "similar". It's a lot more burst oriented, but thus less dps in long fights. Or at least i think so. There is no dps visualisation in the game.

    In general classes are pretty balanced (and will be even more so after level 50 patch in the future). So if i say "less/more dps" it doesnt mean "bad/good class". A class that has high single target dps usually has lower aoe dps and vice versa, a class that has high burst damage will outperform you in mobbing and small bosses, but have less dps in long fights and so on. Same goes for survivability, cc, and so on. All classes have advantages and disadvantages. Generally, pick the one you like the most from the way it plays.


    We will have a patch tomorrow. The patch will include a leveling event due to the release of a new class (warlock). The event basically means that any character below level 10 (before the patch) that reaches max level (45) in <= 3 weeks will get a few rewards and an exclusive costume.

    So you might want to wait with leveling up to get the extra benefits. The stuff you get is actually nice if it's your first character (a bit less grind late game^^) and an exclusive costume is always nice. The class you pick doesnt matter by the way - it just has to be < lvl 10 before the patch.

    If you want to participate in the event (you only have to fit in the above criteria) but you also want to play, you could just test the classes a bit, if you are not sure yet it's also good to level the classes you are interested to anywhere between 10 and 20 to get a first glance on what the class is all about. You shouldnt measure yourself on it, but level 10 takes about an hour or so if you are efficient at doing quests - so even if you "leveled to high for the event" you could start over - if you want to. Oh and while we are at this topic:

    - When you do a screenshot, in the menue popping up you can save your characters appearance to automatically recreate it

    - If the character is below level 15 deleting it only takes 5 minutes, after that time you'll also be able to reuse the name you used.

    - If the character is >= 15 it'll take a week to delete it.

An in depth PVP guide for Lyn Blade Dancers
Mar 02, 2016
  • Want to know more about the deep guide for Lyn Blade Dancers? You're not alone!Many players want to get practical tips about it. Now the following players' suggestions may help you.

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    1.Outplay all of their massive cooldowns with Q/tab switch/c immune for their five point strike/SS/smoke bomb and ofc their insanely strong air combo which can't be countered unless you outplay the skill that gets you into the air combo. The video will most likely help you understand their skills n cooldowns a bit better.Watch some of video's in depth tutorials on sins v x class. He makes excellent videos and entertaining too.

    2.FM need help fighting Blade Dancers.They would just keep spinning, grabbing, and air comboing until you know the FM's escapes are gone and then do the lightning buff ani-cancel thing to one shot them. Keep pressure up though and be aggressive enough to put them on the defensive, and they'll be more likely to use their escapes on dazes/knockdowns. If you just spin and don't pressure them, you'll most likely lose.

    3.Grabbing seems to be a bad idea. It seems like every time you go for a grab, there is a stack of freeze on you. The FM does some kind of attack which basically knocks you down and stuns you. There goes your grab CD and most likely your Trinket.

    Next, whatever spell that disables dashes for like 7 seconds is killer. As soon as those 7 seconds are up, you better bet that you're spamming your gap closers to get some damage in. Good FMs know this and use their ice blocks to counter your gap closers. Better FMs then know you'd be low on chi so they will put up that barrier that resists projectiles to counter your 1. The best FMs would then ensure you have an ice stack on you so they are able to instantly stun them if you attempt to grab them out of the barrier and throw them out.

    Also, the Ice whirlwind attack that disables your spin is pretty scary for you as well. If your SS is down, you have to hope your V iframes are up so you can use them to dodge skills until your spin is up again.

Blade and Soul Gold Farming Guides
Mar 01, 2016
  • One of the most important thing about BNS is that gold income when you want to level up weapons. With sufficient Blade and Soul Gold, we can buy valuable materials and items, saving much time in pleasure. Well, to have a good way to farm gold is a significant goal for many beginner players, because they need Blade and Soul gold to upgrade items and soul shield. There are several methods we want to share with you to farm gold fast.

    Farming Blade and Soul Gold through professions

    In the early game, players need pottery materials for their big Windstride quest. Later on, the refiners and bowls are important for people crafting evolution stones. The best end-game profession is the evolution stone guild. These are highly in demand for top-level players that has done through blade and soul leveling, and the Blade&Soul Soul Shield crafts are also very popular because players use them for fusing. The best combination is the pottery guild and the evolution stone guild.

    Farming Blade and Soul Gold through Dungeon

    As we all know that much of income in MMORPG come from running dungeons. Well, we need to spend much time running dungeons for gold before you reach level 45. There are six major high-level dungeons that you can repeat every day for gold and materials, which you can sell. You need materials for Crafting Evolution stones so you still need to do some effort, either farm dungeons for what you need and mine.

    Farming Blade and Soul Gold through Auction House

    Before lvl 45, we don't recommend this method to earn BNS Gold. To be a great buyer we need pay more attention on Auction House price to make prediction when a given kind of item will fetch a high price.

    Choose Online Reliable Gold Store Buy BNS Gold

    Blade and Soul Gold grows in important in the game because there are so many Blade and Soul items and materials we need. If you don't want to waste money to grind gold in-game, ignk Online Gamer Store would be your great choice to get gold easy and fast.

A Blade and Soul Player Said He Has Prepared for New Update
Feb 17, 2016
  • Recently there is a player said that he had been reading a lot of posts on what order to upgrade stuff, but he is aiming for something different. He doesn’t have the time for maxing out all of my gear. He just want to get to a spot where he can decently handle all content to play casually, though he feel like I'm there already. I'd like to prepare for the next patch, or even the level 50 patch, and stick with only what I NEED to upgrade rather then get all the bells and whistles. So these are questions for people familiar with the game in other countries. I'm playing assassin with true profane and infernal accessories. Still on 3 gem slots just using brilliant square ruby and amethyst, and a triangular diamond. 3 moonwater arena + 5 dokumo soul shields fused with crit.

    He is familiar with how the weapon path is expected to change, but he haven't found much information on accessories. Do the accessory paths change, or are they replaced? Or will as he said that he needs to upgrade the current accessories regardless of any patches in order to progress? And is it the same for all of them, including belt and bracelet?

    He also has not been able to find how much Poharan's Gun Oil is needed for upgrading accessories. One site said 21 for the break through on awakened siren, but it was wrong about material amounts for lower levels. What's correct?

    Right now he is working towards the peridot gem. Is it worth breaking open the 4th gem slot, or just replace ruby? Wondering if a weapon upgrade later on unlocks it, like how the 3rd slot unlocked at some point.

    Is it worth upgrading to the 3 tower + 5 bloodshade soul shield setup I've been reading about? I've been planning on it since it seems fairly cheap to do when ignoring perfect fusions. Just haven't found a place where I can compare the stats of those vs. his current set.

    He definitely need a new diamond, but I'm wondering how quickly that would be replaced. He read there's new gems in the next patch. Would the 25 attack diamond last me to 50 or could he go with something cheaper? Or maybe the 25 would be cheaper come next patch when he had need it more.

An Experienced Blade and Soul Player’s Share of Mystery of the Pointless Armor
Feb 16, 2016
  • Recently a famous writer has talked about his share of his opinion on Blade and Soul playing experience. As players progressed through the initial levels of Blade & Soul, many aspects of the game got gamers really excited and enthusiastic, to say the least. As we reached higher levels, a certain awkward feeling has arrived which is probably caused by the inexplicable decision of the game's developers.

    During the first few levels of Blade & Soul, one gets overwhelmed with all the combos, zones, unusual enchanting system, gemming and wheel of fate spinning, which takes away the attention from a very unusual feature of the game.

    For him or even for our players, this previously mentioned awkward feeling arrived around level 25-8. The writer said that he was mainly focusing on improving his weapon, his precious dagger that he kept evolving, being lucky enough that all the necessary follow-ups dropped from the equivalent instances. Accessories also gained my attention after a while, but something was missing. The Soul Shields eventually turned out to be rather irritating and highly unusual, and this realization pointed to the weirdest of decisions I have ever encountered made by some of the game's developers, and that was the complete, utter uselessness of the various armor pieces.

    He is sure the devs wanted to seem extremely creative and radical, but this move beats all brave innovational attempts I have seen so far, but not in a positive way. It often turns out to be fruitful for the MMO industry when companies attempt to bring innovational ideas, like Rift's multirole classes or Tera's political system and even Guild Wars 2's dynamic events.

Blade and Soul Players’ Opinions on the Faction System
Feb 15, 2016
  • Recently a Blade and Soul player has shared his opinions on the faction system. Now let us check out the details. The whole system has failed to do what it's supposed to do. Every time things get hard people just change channel instead of fighting back. There is supposed to be a faction war dynamic that translates into some form of open world pvp. Unfortunately people constantly puly out to other channels so it turns into each faction has its own dominant channel to do quests on. Making faction quests just another grind.

    There should be a singular channel when you enter faction area so you can't escape. You either fight or not join a faction.

    He couldn't care less about my faction. He just want to hop in, grab my dailies, trash the mobs needed to accomplish those dailies and get back to dungeons and arena matches.

    Having to fight other players in the middle of that is an annoyance that just makes things takes longer at best.

    The design of most faction content isn't really conducive to big PvP fights. Take misty woods insigenas for instance. For some stupid reason, they pretty much only drop off of one or two bosses, and you need a lot of them to get any rewards, so the only way to complete the soul shield set or get the costume is to stand in the same spot with a group and farm the same boss for a good 30-50 kills to get your stuff. Then the other bosses like the terrors and Blackwyrm would be nearly impossible if we had to ALSO fight an equal-sized force of players at the same time. All the rewards and quests being tied up in what is essentially PvE content means that players such as himself will be doing it just to get some rewards and will actively avoid PvP because it just slows down the acquisition of stuff.

    A full-on battleground with minimal PvE content and some actual PvP objectives, and a reason to actually bother protecting our faction NPCs, camps, and territories would actually give us a little bit of a reason to care about how our faction is actually doing as a faction. He don't know what content is in store for future patches and areas, but as it is, faction dailies are basically just the same old PvE "Kill this mob" quests with the added annoyance of the occasional PK-er trying to gank me while he is getting it done.